2017 STRATMOR Originator Census

 Now available for Retail Originators and Consumer Direct Originators

Are your top originators leaving at a faster pace than your peers?

Are your core group of producers older than the average producers?

Survey Background

The STRATMOR Originator Census Survey is your link to gain valuable insights into loan originator production, age, turnover and tenure with your company as compared to peers. The more you can understand and measure the key attributes of your sales force, the better you will be able to proactively manage them and this, more than anything else, will improve the franchise value of your company.

Our survey is designed to address the following questions/issues:

  • While it is conventional wisdom that 20% of your LOs originate 80% of your volume, what is true for your company?
  • If your production distribution is more like 10%/90%, the fate of your company may be held in the hands of a small group of originators.
  • Which LOs are you losing and why? Older LOs? Younger LOs?
  • Are your top quintile originators more productive than peers?
  • What is the average age of your core group of producers? How does this compare to Bank or Independent Peers?
  • What percentage of your core group of producers is younger than the industry average age for the top quintile of producers?
  • Are you having trouble recruiting and retaining younger LOs? Is your retention of junior LOs better or worse than peers?

Therefore, this originator census survey focuses on five key areas:

  1. Production Distribution - Consistent with conventional wisdom, do 20% of your Originators close 80% of your volume? Is it more like 30/70? How do you compare with peers?
  2. Productivity by Quintile - What is the average productivity of your top quintile of producers versus peers? What about the bottom quintile?
  3. Originator Age - What is the average age of your originators overall? By production quintile?
  4. Turnover - What is your Originator turnover overall? By Age? By production quintile? Many lenders maintain that they keep their core group and that turnover is limited to lower producing quintiles. Is that really true?
  5. Tenure - What is the average tenure of originators by production quintile? Are your veterans out-producing the less experienced originators? How does your average tenure compare with peer group averages?  


Here is what some of our past participants had to say about the STRATMOR Originator Census:

As a retail-focused lender, a large part of our franchise value is embodied in our loan originators. Therefore, it is extremely important for us to understand how our originators compare with peers. The unique thing about the STRATMOR Originator Census is that the results are broken down by production quintile. We know how our producers are performing relative to peers broken down in 20% increments (e.g. top 20%, next 20%, etc.). Armed with this data, we have been able to proactively address certain issues with our sales force that we had not be previously aware of. We highly recommend STRATMOR's Originator Census Survey.

- Terry Schmidt, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operations Officer, Guild Mortgage Company

We found the STRATMOR Originator Census to be an invaluable tool for benchmarking our sales force. At Citizens Bank, we have always been a data-driven company - we like to make important decisions armed with facts. While we have tracked key metrics relative to our sales force for years, STRATMOR's Originator Census Survey allows us to go take our analysis a step further by comparing with peers across a range of key attributes. We especially utilize LO productivity and turnover data as we continue to accelerate the Citizens growth strategy in the Retail channel. The data is not hard to compile and we receive over 15 pages of individualized results. I highly recommend STRATMOR's Originator Census Survey.

Tim McKeever, SVP, Strategic Production Manager, Citizens Bank


As is our custom, and to assure confidentiality, this will be conducted as a “blind” survey.  All survey results will be aggregated and individual company results will not be disclosed to any party, nor will we display the results in such a way that individual company responses could be determined.

By participating in this survey, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing your responses versus the survey averages as well as segmented analysis based on key company differences and characteristics. Our intent is to provide more granular analysis to allow you to hone in on the best peer subsets for comparison and calibration.

Note that this survey was conceived of and is being managed solely by the STRATMOR Group, an independent consulting firm
, in response to client requests.

Survey Timing

Registration Deadline: August 18, 2017

Data Submission Deadline: September 8, 2017

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