2018 STRATMOR Technology Insight Study - Report

STRATMOR Technology Insight Results are Available for Purchase

Survey Background

Step into the light of STRATMOR Group’s 2018 Technology Insight Study!

The 2018 study is filled with detailed, non-vendor-provided analyses provided exclusively by STRATMOR on a host of technologies at work in the mortgage space. Whether you’re looking for insight into digital innovations, customer satisfaction survey programs, closing and collaboration tools or other mortgage technology solutions, the 2018 STRATMOR Technology Insight Study provides much needed, up-to-date lender perspectives on available technology offerings. 

This year we are offering two report options: 

  • STRATMOR Digital Insights Report - digital capabilities, digital benefits and barriers, Lead Management/CRM, Lender Loyalty Score™ Analysis, and POS details.
  • To download the Digital Insights Table of Contents, here.
  • The Digital Mortgage Report is $1,500. Participants receive a discount price of $750. To purchase, click on the Purchase button at the bottom of this page.
  • 2018 STRATMOR TIS Report - Digital Insights Report plus LOS detail and back end systems. 
  • To download the Table of Contents for the 2018 STRATMOR TIS Report, click here.
  • To download a sample of the full report, click here.
  • The 2018 STRATMOR TIS Report is $5,000. Participants receive a discount price of $2,500. To purchase, click on the Purchase button at the bottom of this page.

Note: Participants will need the participant discount code during the purchase process. If you were a participant and do not have your code, please email us at technologyinsight@stratmorgroup.com.

The 2018 results cover the following systems and data analytics:

  • Digital Mortgage
  • Lead Management / CRM
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Pricing and Production Engine (PPE)
  • Loan Origination System (LOS)
  • Lender Loyalty Score™ Analysis - New Proprietary Data Analytics provided only by STRATMOR.
  • Document Preparation
  • Closing Collaboration
  • Fee System
  • Production Pipeline Hedging Vendor
  • Servicing System
  • Borrower Satisfaction Survey System

Note that this survey was conceived of and is being managed solely by the STRATMOR Group, an independent consulting firm, in response to client requests.


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