2018 STRATMOR Technology Insight Survey

Survey Introduction

Welcome to the 2018 STRATMOR Technology Insight Survey, the only independent technology survey in the industry today that gives voice to mortgage executives' experiences with their technology.


Our goal in conducting this technology survey is to offer lenders much needed, non-vendor provided data on the technology at work in the mortgage marketplace.


Last year, more than 200 Independent and Bank-Owned/Affiliated mortgage companies, ranging in size from under $250 million to more than $10 billion in annual production, participated in the survey. This year, with your help, we will collect data on a wide range of systems and processes that will give us insight into the technology experiences of our industry.


The 2018 survey gathers information and opinions across the full tech stack. It will take you about 30 minutes to complete. 


As you take the survey, you'll find questions on what systems you are using, how satisfactory the system is for you and how well the system delivers on specific functionality. Systems covered in the 2018 survey include:

  • Lead Management / CRM
  • Point of Sales (POS)
  • Pricing and Product Engine (PPE)
  • Loan Origination System (LOS)
  • Document Preparation
  • Closing Collaboration
  • Fee System
  • Production Pipeline Hedging Vendor
  • Servicing System
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey System


This year, we've deepened the dive into Digital Mortgage technology as well, and we've added questions on Customer Satisfaction survey tools.


Besides our very grateful "thank you" for participating, you'll receive a free market share report and are eligible to purchase the comprehensive report at a discounted price. The comprehensive report is just that -- comprehensive. The 2017 report contains detailed feedback, including comparative information on a dozen of the most popular loan origination systems, functionality assessments for key ancillary systems, vendor support, adoption of Digital Mortgage technology. The 2018 survey will include all this and more.


Survey Preparation

  • This survey is open to Lenders only. If you are not a Lender, please do not take the survey.

  • To preview the questions before starting the survey, access a printable version of the survey here: 2018 STRATMOR Technology Insight Printable Survey

  • Responses are saved as you advance the page. If you complete the questions for a page, but do not advance the page, your responses will not be saved and will not be available the next time you access the survey.

  • If you need to leave the survey and return later to complete it, advance to the next page, exit, and re-enter at the survey link by entering your email address. The survey remembers you and takes you to the place you stopped.

  • As is STRATMOR’s practice, to assure confidentiality, we conduct this as a “blind” survey. All survey results are aggregated; individual company results will not be disclosed, nor will we publish the results in a way that would enable individual respondent identities to be derived.

If you have questions or need assistance you should contact technologyinsight@stratmorgroup.com.

This survey was conceived of and is being managed solely by the STRATMOR Group, an independent consulting firm, in response to client requests.